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Live Well.
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1:1 Mind-Body Coaching

Interested in learning how you can finally achieve your goals?

Every individual is unique, with different social and cultural norms, diet and athletic histories, eating behaviors, and mindsets around food. More often then not, it’s actually not a food thing, it’s a mindset thing. This is why templates, generalized meal plans, 30-day challenges and calculators typically aren’t successful long-term. Coaching offers an individualized approach where we can explore your goals, your current lifestyle, and sustainable strategies to help you add in healthy habits that actually create change.  

Interested in learning more about coaching? I’d love to help!

1:1 Coaching for Mamas

Motherhood can be lonely, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone.

I remember after I had my son how difficult it felt to adjust to my new life. My body was different. My brain didn’t turn off. And achieving any sort of a goal just felt so overwhelming.

Everyone kept telling me just to “make a little time for myself” (insert laugh and eye roll). And yet I struggled to keep myself from feeling spread too thin, pulled in too many directions and burnt out. 

The reality? I had to pare down in order to better show up- for myself and for my kids. I had to get past the mom guilt, the fear of failing and the perfectionist tendencies. I had to realize that I needed to make something about me, so that I could be better for them.

I help busy mamas take a break before they break down. We teach mindfulness, implement self-care and time management strategies and prioritize goal setting to help you go from overbooked and overwhelmed to in control. All while we teach you to build a better body image because, ya know, they learn that from you too. 

You deserve more than that leftover crust off your kids peanut butter and jelly, mama. And your kids deserve to learn from a mama who is present, grounded and happy. 

1:1 Pre- & Postnatal Coaching

Preconception, pregnancy and postpartum are incredibly exciting periods, which can also be so confusing and scary at times too! Don’t worry, I got you, mama.

I provide coaching to future, expecting and new mamas by addressing health, wellness, and mindset. Ideally women take a deeper dive into optimizing their health at least 3-4 months prior to even conceiving, but there are significant benefits to addressing eating behaviors, stress, sleep, hydration, exercise, social support and other lifestyle factors at any point in your pre- & postnatal journey.

I also recognize that women get 9 months of regular checks ups and lots of care, but then the focus transitions to baby right after delivery. Therefore, I’m passionate about addressing your needs postpartum, and helping women transition into the role of motherhood well supported and cared for.

 Interested in feeling more control of your preconception, pregnant or postpartum journey? I’d love to help!